Opponent - TBA 
23rd October 2021 
Bonus Arena Hull 
Opponent - TBA 
23rd October 2021 
Bonus Arena Hull 

A word from Sonny’s Coach, Seb Glazer 

2019 has been an incredible year for Sonny. He signed a professional contract with Steve Wood's VIP Promotions in January and has had 4 fights since then, winning them all comfortably. 
During that time he has travelled far and wide sparring some of this country's best boxers. He has been one of Richard Riakporhe's main sparring partners for the last three fights. Dillian Whyte also asked him to be part of his camp for 8 weeks, which was an amazing experience. 
Sonny has also sparred former European Champion Yves Ngabu several times, WBA Intercontinental Champion Craig Richards, former British and Commonwealth Champion Bob Ajisefe, undefeated British title challenger Jack Massey, Commonwealth title challenger Craig Glover, GB stars Thomas Whittaker Hart & Mike McKay, Former English Champ Dec Spelman, undefeated Mick Leamonth, huge punching Jay Farrell, newly professional big banger Iffy, the legend that is Chez Nihell, half the British Army, a rugby league legend in Paul Gallen and a bunch of top amateurs. 
His consistent high level of sparring has seen him improve dramatically. A huge thank you to everyone mentioned above and their coaches. You've all been stars. 
Sonny has travelled to Rotherham on a weekly basis to work with Mick Blythe, one of the best strength and conditioners in the business. There have also been regular trips to Leeds to see our top nutritionist, Dr Paul Rimmer. Those two fellas are a hugely important part of our team. 
Sonny has had sponsorship from: Riverside Plumbing and Heating, Ideal Blinds, Mike Marsden, the Pilot Pub, East Yorkshire Electrical, Whites Skip Hire, Bob Carvers, PhD, VLC, Giroscope, it'seeze websites Hull and a private donation from a local businessman. A massive thank you to everyone who has supported us (anyone I have forgotten- I am so sorry, it's been a whirlwind. But it means the earth). 
Thank you to our sports therapist Jan, for keeping Sonny in tip top condition and Dave for giving him a warm up routine/exercises. Sonny has a fantastic PR Jess, from Divine Clark PR - she has worked wonders and is worth her weight in gold. Thank you so much to Humber Photography for all of the unbelievable shots they have taken this year... their work has helped to capture the journey. 
A huge huge thank you to Mummy Taylor who has prepared all the meals and kept the home fires burning! What a star. Thanks to Steve, Lee and James at VIP for the great work you are doing with Sonny (Lee in particular has constantly gone that extra mile and is always appreciated). We are building something. 
Massive props to our corner team; Jimmy and Owen...the dream team!!! Thank you to our resident designer and merch man, Keith AKA Beef for keeping everyone looking sharp and Kenny at Geezers for his work on the shorts. 
Finally: A BIG BIG thank you to all of the people who have bought tickets, travelled to shows and watched online!! HEROS!! 
It's time to rest up, enjoy Christmas and be back in the new year to keep on building... 

August 2019 Knocking youth violence on the head! 

While budgets for police and juvenile services are cut, youth violence has become a national emergency and the Home Affairs Committee has called for the government to ‘get a grip’ on the crisis unfolding with a string of stabbings and shootings on UK streets. 
In Hull young people are creating havoc on the estates, making life miserable for residents and one young man knows what it is like to be one of these trouble causers. In 2014, Sonny Taylor’s future didn’t look too rosy when a brush with the law for fighting on North Hull Estate landed him with a suspended sentence. 
However this story does turn into a happy one, becoming Hull’s only Cruiserweight fighter, with a promising boxing career ahead thanks to Vulcan Boxing Club in West Hull. 

Sonny explains: 

“I am fortunate to have a loving family background but when I was growing up on North Hull Estate, I found myself with nothing constructive to do which led me into trouble. Boredom set in, I had made some wrong decisions, was in with the wrong crowd and before I knew it, I was handed a suspended sentence which brought me to Vulcan Boxing Club for community service.” 
“I had boxed a bit when I was younger and always enjoyed it but realised just how much I loved getting in the ring. Initially I was heavyweight but with great advice and support I became fitter and healthier and it gave me a purpose to get out of bed in the morning. I’m now fighting pro, at cruiserweight and pleasing crowds with knockout fights.” 
“The Prime Minister admits that the government is failing young people and I have to agree. With worrying statistics about knife crime and gang violence, we need to educate and raise awareness of the consequences. At Vulcan we support the No More Knives Campaign, working with other sports people to share the message that; carrying a knife is never the answer. If you leave the house with a knife for protection, you risk getting stabbed with it yourself.” 

Seb Glazer is Sonny’s Boxing Coach. He says: 

“Sonny had problems with the police before he came to us, but was determined to turn his life around. He did community service to build our allotment and we saw his potential in the gym. With all round support from our coaching team, he turned pro last year.” 
“There is no doubt that cases of youth violence are on the increase. In Hull we don’t have gangs as such, however we do have groups of young people who are very violent and make life hell for people living on estates such as North Hull, Orchard Park and Bransholme. The problem is these kids are disengaged from society, living without purpose or parental support.” 
“At Vulcan Boxing Club we have many positive role models who are dedicated volunteers, helping to transform the lives of those who don’t have that support at home and Sonny has become one of these.” 
“We have invested in Sonny's potential putting a whole team behind him; a strength and conditioning coach in Rotherham, a nutritionist in Leeds - we’ve gone far and wide to get the best people for the job to make it happen and based on the level he’s been sparring at, he spent 9 weeks at Loughborough University on a camp to prepare other fighters. He has also sparred at Peacock Gym in London where he his rated very highly by peers, to be asked to come back time and again shows that he is well thought of by others in this sport.” 
“Now we are working to build his profile locally and have gathered support from local sponsors. Hull enjoys having a sport personality to support and with older boxers looking to retire, Sonny is the next generation and the City’s next champion - we aim to make Hull very proud!” 

Emma Hardy Labour MP For Hull West and Hessle says: 

‘It is wonderful to hear the huge effect attending the Vulcan Boxing Club has had on Sonny Taylor’s life. Channelling his fighting ability in the ring rather than on the streets has given him the opportunity to begin a promising career as well as become a role model for other young people wanting to better themselves. He is making Hull proud.’ 









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