Sonny Taylor, born in 1995 is an exciting British Cruiserweight Boxer, based in Hull, East Yorkshire and a future champion of pro boxing. 
As a boy Sonny always enjoyed sport, playing rugby and with a bunch of fights aged 13 he was already demonstrating his boxing talent. However, throughout his teenage years got with the wrong crowd and came very close to going to prison. This brush with the law proved to be a blessing in disguise, doing community service at Vulcan Boxing Club he helped the team build an allotment. The coaches recognised something special in Sonny and helped to turn his life around working with young people to become a positive role model and the rest as they say, is history! 
Initially training as a heavy weight, through nutrition and conditioning he now sits nicely as a Cruiserweight. 
Sonny has a whole team behind him; a strength and conditioning coach in Rotherham, a nutritionist in Leeds, then boxing coach Seb in Hull. We’ve gone far and wide to get the best people for the job to try as hard as we can to make it happen. 
Coach, Seb Glazer says: 
“The whole team at Vulcan Boxing Club has really high hopes based on the level he’s been sparring at, he spent 9 weeks at Loughborough University on a camp to prepare other fighters. He has also sparred at Peacock Gym in London where he his rated very highly by peers, to be asked to come back time and again shows that he is well thought of. 
Most importantly, Sonny is exciting to watch, he knocks people out and that’s what the audience wants.” 









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